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About Treatment

You don't need to be sick to seek acupuncture treatment. As one small part of an entire system of medicine, acupuncture is an excellent path to wellness for all people. Acupuncture can be used for emotional wellbeing, digestive health, balance, seasonal changes and acclimation, reproductive health, and as part of a healthy, positive lifestyle.


The World Health Organization lists more than 40 conditions for which acupuncture is appropriate therapy.

  • Gynecological: Infertility, menopausal symptoms, premenstrual syndrome
  • Emotional: Anxiety, depression, insomnia, nervousness, neurosis
  • Musculoskeletal: Arthritis, back pain, muscle cramping, muscle pain/weakness, neck pain, sciatica
  • Neurological: Headaches, neurogenic bladder dysfunction, Parkinson's disease, postoperative pain, stroke
  • Digestive: Abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, hyperacidity, indigestion
  • Eye-Ear-Nose-Throat: Cataracts, gingivitis, poor vision, tinnitus, toothache
  • Respiratory: Asthma, bronchitis, common cold, sinusitis, smoking cessation, tonsilitis
  • Miscellaneous: Addiction control, athletic performance, blood pressure regulation, chronic fatigue, immune system tonification, stress reduction

Acupuncture Training

The healthcare professionals who practice "acupuncture" techniques can have varying levels of training. Licensed acupuncturists receive approximately 80% of their training exclusively in Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine, and undergo an extensive clinical internship over three or four years' time. Other healthcare professionals may use acupuncture, which is only one small part of an entire system of medicine, as an adjunct to their primary practice and training in Western medical sciences. The following compares the levels of training:
Practitioner Amount of Acupuncture Training Uses
Licensed Acupuncturist
Doctor of Oriental Medicine
Acupuncture Physician
Oriental Medicine Practitioner
1363-2000 hours in Acupuncture or 2000-3000 hours in Eastern Medicine

Used for broad range of health issues, including chronic disease, pain, internal medicine, obstetrics, gynecology, prevention, and wellness based on Eastern medicine theory

Medical Doctor
300 hours or less Used for pain and basic ailments
Detoxification Technician
Medical Doctor
100 hours or less

Used for pain, addiction, and detoxification through auricular acupuncture


A Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.) has typically obtained a three- to four-year Master's-level degree or diploma from a school approved by ACAOM (Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine) and is awarded the Dipl. Ac. (Diplomate in Acupuncture) upon successful examination by the NCCAOM (National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine), the national standard used for licensing in most states. For a list of approved schools and colleges for acupuncture training, contact the U.S. Department of Education, the Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, or the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Acupuncture should only be administered by a practitioner who has specific training in this field, due to risk of improper needling, inadequate understanding of Eastern Medical diagnostic procedures (such as tongue and pulse diagnosis), transmission of disease, or ethical violations. For more information, or to find a qualified practitioner in your area, visit the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine or the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Acupuncture Testimonials - Donna

"I had always been interested in finding out more about Acupuncture. For some reason I never followed up with my desire to learn more. I was having difficulty with my mentstrual cycle when my midwife recognized immediately that much of what I was experiencing had to do with my saddness related to the ending of a very significant relationship. She referred me to Donna. I have always believed that everything happens in its own perfect time. My midwife told me to let Donna know that I had a broken heart. I had no idea that Donna would be so able to help me with so much internal emotional pain. My first session helped me clear away the immediate heartache. My second session with Donna began my journey of peeling away the years of stuffed anguish that I had previously thought to have been resolved. Each session my body, my cells cleared out more past trauma. I had an accident and fell 25 feet from the loft of a barn. I spent four days in the hospital and was told that I had a compression fracture of my L-2 vertebrae. I asked if I could have my Acupuncturist come to the hospital but was told 'it wasn't a good idea'. You made house calls and worked on my back the moment I got home from the hospital, helping me to heal at an incredulous rate! I was out of the brace and back to yoga in two and a half months! My doctor told me to keep going to Acupuncture and to keep doing what I was doing! My life has changed in miraculous ways since I first walked through the doors of Thirteen Moons Acupuncture! Donna has helped me heal TMJ, an old shoulder injury, endometrioses, a crushed vertebrae and a broken heart. Donna has listened to me, laughed with me, counseled me and held my hand. Donna is such a gift to me and to the people of this community. I am grateful that Donna is here and that she landed in my life at precisely the perfect moment!


"What can I say? Donna saved me from an inconvenient, expensive, painful surgery that may have had physical effects for months or years afterwards! I knew better, but when faced with the pressure of the orthodox medical establishment and a momentary physical crisis, it is easy to cave. Instead, Donna's kind solicitude and dogged research into my problems gave me a chance to catch my breath and re-evaluate my options. The result: after a few acupuncture treatments, my pain was gone, I'd sought a second opinion, and I discovered I could cancel the surgery. The most amazing discovery? The acupuncture released in me a happiness of spirit I haven't known in years! Who knew that it could have such an anti-depressant effect?! ...It has been wonderful to find a practitioner as skilled as Donna in the Omaha area. What's more, Donna's sweet manner and sincere interest adds to the awesome healing power of the ancient Chinese technique. She makes you laugh, she makes you smile, she makes you feel good and feel cared about -- and that is a large part of the healing process."


"I have been receiving acupuncture & Chinese herbal treatments since 1977. I have been to a lot of different practitioners, both Chinese and non-Chinese. Donna Huber stands out as one of my three favorites and she is just at intern level, so I think it's fair to assume she will be a formidable treatment professional in a very short time. Her needle insertion technique is already better than some of the more experience acupuncturists I've encountered and she has a wealth of knowledge about general health as well. When I go to her for treatment, I can sit down and really discuss what is going on with me, without being hurried onto the table then out the door. She gathers a lot of information from me before taking my pulse, looking at my tongue and making a diagnosis. I wish she weren't leaving New Mexico. I don't expect to find an easy replacement, at least not any time soon. Without hesitation I recommend Donna to anyone, anytime, who needs a good acupuncturist."

--JF, age 50, Substance Abuse Counselor

"Thank you for listening to your heart and working as a healer. You make the world heal along with us."


"Well, your treatments really helped me when I needed them, plus I enjoyed the relaxation time, as well as our conversations! I'll always recommend you to anyone I think could benefit from your services."

--SN, age 56

"I first met this intuitive healer was when she healed my severely painful left shoulder. At that time, I found out that she was only a second year student at her Chinese Medicine School. I had tried conventional treatment, drugs, etc, to no avail. Our relationship as patient, practitioner and friend has progressed through the recovery of a hip replacement, badly damaged and arthritic knees and all over arthritis. In the months that I received treatment from Donna, I have had considerable relief from pain. Her acupuncture, massage and emotional and nutritional counseling are excellent. I have become very dependent on Donna and I am very, very sad to see her leave New Mexico. I will miss this young and charismatic woman."

--JP, age 79, Interior Designer

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