Sweet Sixteen

16 years ago today, Thirteen Moons opened its doors for the first time and welcomed in the city of Omaha and its surrounding areas. And Omaha welcomed Thirteen Moons, Thank You! It’s been an amazing journey with mostly ups and a few downs. We’ve come a long way from starting out at the cute little building on Blondo, 10 years later moving into the Carriage House and eventually purchasing the property, rehabbing the big house and moving into it. We have replaced 3 of the 4 HVAC systems, had to replace a major sewer line, have resurfaced the parking lot twice, have removed ugly florescent lights and put up nicer warmer lighting, we have painted, re-painted, moved furniture and moved it again, (just ask my husband Tracy how many times he’s moved recliners, he might grumble at you though 🙂 ). We’ve adopted plants and moved them around, and given plants away (we love that you want us to care for your plants when you’re done, but we are all full up now, so maybe ask your Aunt Mildred 🙂 ). We’ve done so much to the space but there is always more to do! We hope to embark on a remodel of the entry, reception and retail area in the next couple of years. We continue to grow and hope to continue serving this community in this great old house for years to come.

Sweet Sixteen is the perfect way to present this milestone, as it is a coming of age of sorts and Thirteen Moons is moving into the next stage of life. We are also at a Sweet Spot in terms of business operations. We have the two BEST office manager and front desk people ever. Brittany and Mimi are the kind voices and smiling faces who take care of everything front desk. I am so grateful for their work ethic, their take care of business attitudes and especially their warmness and welcoming of the many patients that call, email, text, walk-in and seek care. And last but not least, we have TWO acupuncturists now, and that is GLORIOUS for this hard-working, vacation depleted gal. Lori Holland joined us last August and she is integrating into the clinic perfectly. She’s fast becoming a favorite and loves treating patients using her vast knowledge of acupuncture and herbs. We are a tight team that works well together and loves to have fun. Hopefully you feel that when you walk into our clinic. We are rolling out a new pricing structure and service menu in order to streamline and make it easier for patients to get the services they need. We are working on adding more content to the website and have a few other things in the works, so please stay tuned. We are here to serve you and look forward to many more years of doing just that!

Thank you to ALL of the people who have come and gone and come back again. We LOVE that you share your lives with us and are honored that you chose us along your healing paths.

With Gratitude,

Happy Mother’s Day!

Welcome to the new website of Thirteen Moons and, my first Blog!  This has been a long time in the works and, as with many of my endeavors throughout the years, it feels like a birth of sorts. How perfect to reveal the new baby on this day when we celebrate and honor Motherhood.

Mother’s Day is such a multi-emotional day.  Many are able to spend time surrounded by family and friends with lots of love and celebration.  For some, it is a day of sadness for the Mother’s they have lost.  For some it is a reminder of failed relationships or struggles with either their children or their own Moms.  For those who’ve chosen to remain child-free, it can be lonely and isolating.  For some, it is a horrible reminder of what they don’t have.  For some, it’s Dad being Mom.  And for some, it’s regretting becoming a Mom.

So, wherever you might fall on the spectrum, I SALUTE YOU:  To all who’ve become accustomed to sleepless nights, being peed, pooped and puked on.  To those who are being cried for in one minute then bit, hit and yelled at in the next.  To those chasing a diagnosis to finally have an answer to what is wrong.  To those worried sick about how to protect your trans or gay child from the cruel world of bullies, or your brown child from bad law enforcement. To those praying that the next stint in rehab will finally be the time.  To those praying that your 35 year old will get that job and move out of your basement or even wishing your 3 year old would move into his own apartment already.  To all the only Dad’s in the local Mommy group.  To those missing their Mom in Heaven, whether they lived a long, happy life or were taken too soon.  And to those who are waiting for your turn.  I see you, I feel you, I am you.  And last but not least, to those who were forced to have children you didn’t want, or were brainwashed by society that having children was your job, you need not suffer in silence.  I acknowledge your struggle.  You are not a bad mom. You are human.

May your Day be filled with Inspiration & Wonder!

Until next time,