November 21, 2017 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
TMA Health & Wellness Collaborative
1002 N 72nd St Omaha NE 68114
$30 / $35 at door
Stacie Bannon




This special Akashic Record Class will be a thorough introduction to the Akashic Records. What are the Akashic Records? How do the Records work? How do we get information from them? How do they help us?

​This class will be started with a highly informative lecture about what the Akashic Records truly are and how we work with them. There will a “Question and Answer” session after.

Stacie will then answer ONE deeper Soul-level question per class member to show how we can benefit from information and guidance from the Records. Stacie will answer as many questions as she can during the class. Everyone gets so much out of the class even when listening to other class members answers.

About the Akashic Records: Our Souls have human experiences in the form of lifetimes, and we have many, many lifetimes of experiences that stay with us. Although we usually cannot remember this information, it’s all stored in the Akashic Records in ‘the Divine.’ Think of the Akashic Records as an energetic database or a library that contains the entire history about every person’s Soul, clear back to its origination.

Stacie has expertise in working with the Records and successfully helping clients to truly understand how they were created as a new Soul by getting the relevant information in their unique Akashic Record. We can find out so many things about ourselves and our lives through the Records, and how we can successfully create the amazing life we want now. Clearing work through the Akashic Records is incredibly effective to help us each move forward clear of anything affecting us now in this life, or coming up from a past life. The Akashic Records are on the highest dimensional and vibrational level of pure unconditional love and healing.

COST: $30 online ticket. $35 at the door – cash & debit/credit card accepted. No refunds once purchased.

Doors open at 6:00 PM. Bottled water and light appetizers will be offered. This is an adult-only venue, all attendees must be 18 years-old and over.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Please call Stacie at 402-937-4818 to reserve a spot if not sold out online before class starts.

Stacie’s website is: http://www.StacieBannon.com/



Akashic Records Class

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