November 10, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
TMA Health & Wellness Collaborative
1002 N 72nd Street
Stacie Bannon



Develop your psychic abilities in this class!
All classes will start with a short guided meditation for clarity, focus and to release any negativity or stress.

Stacie will start by briefly talking about our 5 psychic senses (the ‘clairs). We will then discuss our SPIRIT GUIDES. What and who are our Spirit Guides? How does our own personal team of Spirit Guides connect with us and help us? How can we work more effectively with them for accurate messages and guidance?

We will break off in pairs to do some PSYCHIC EXERCISES and activities to find out what your psychic gifts are and how to expand them. These activities are a lot of fun!

PSYCHOMETRY is holding an object to see what we intuitively pick up from it. Please BRING a photo, small object, piece of jewelry, etc., for the psychometry activity.

We will also discuss and work on “GROUNDING” and clearing work – the benefits of grounding our energy into the Earth so we stay centered, clear of negative emotions and energy.

All levels are welcome, from the beginner to the more experienced. Please just come with an open mind and a positive attitude and you will do great!

COST: $20 online tickets. $25 at the door. Bottled water will be available.

Please call Stacie at 402-937-4818 to REGISTER if you are not buying an online ticket. Payment accepted at the class (cash or credit/debit card).

We look forward to seeing you there!
Stacie”s website is http://www.StacieBannon.com/

Parking on Izard Street next to Thirteen Moons Acupuncture’s main house on the corner of 72nd Street and Izard Street. Doors open at 6:45 PM. This is an adult-only venue, no one under 18.

Psychic Development Class

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