The corona virus is on everyone’s mind right now. What do we know? What should we do? What should we NOT do? We are living in very challenging and intense times. It is difficult to keep up with the rapidly unfolding information about this novel (new) virus called COVID-19. Is it serious? Is it flu like? Are we ALL going to die?!? I don’t know all the answers, but I’ve compiled some resources and will share what I do know. The most important thing is to TRY not to panic. It sounds very scary and certainly for those with compromised immunity, it can be a matter of life and death. Basic precautionary measures should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Wash hands, avoid touching your face, stay home if you have a fever, or even suspect you are sick, or if you’ve been around someone who is sick, most of which should honestly be done ALL YEAR LONG. 🙂 It’s important to keep in mind that fear and panic are ANY virus’s best friend because they deplete our immunity. We can do our best to acknowledge that this virus IS here and at some point, we are likely to get it and we should ALL work to protect the vulnerable among us.

What Do We Know?
The main symptoms of COVID-19 are Fever, Cough, Shortness of Breath. It seems to be spreading in a pattern that’s similar to Influenza and can even seem like the common cold, but it IS more contagious. A key factor is that the “viral load” of COVID-19 is greater than Influenza. The viral load refers to how much virus a carrier sheds in their nasal secretions (runny nose & sneezing). With influenza, we have population immunity via vaccination and people getting an influenza strain thereby becoming naturally immunized. With COVID-19 we have no population immunity, so it’s difficult to know WHAT to expect, but we know that it will affect more people. Some predictions are 50% of US population will get sick with this. In MOST, it will be mild symptoms, some more severe, and the most vulnerable among us, very severe. It’s important for EVERYONE to build immunity, and for those with good immunity, to still be mindful of those who are immunocompromised.

See this site for a symptom comparison chart:

CDC COVID-19 Info Page:

Live Tracker:

What Should We Do?
At Thirteen Moons, a part of our everyday work is to help people return to a state of balance and health looking at the body through the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The tenets of TCM are time-tested, scientifically proven and seek to heal as opposed to manage disease. Our guiding principles are to first address symptoms, then work to find the root cause, while applying acupuncture, herbs, supplements and food therapy in order to restore the body to its healthfulness. Always, but right now ESPECIALLY, we should all do our best to eat healthy, sleep well, digest well, build muscle and build robust immunity. If you are not sure where to start, this is what we specialize in. Please come and see us to build your immunity and reduce the stress of the world!

Practices, Supplements, Resources:

*Eat as healthy as possible (poor nutrition depletes immunity)
*Sleep well (7-9 hours – Lack of sleep creates stress and depletes immunity)
*Digest well (Healthy gut is the pivotal system to the whole rest of the body)
*Workout/Exercise/Dance (We need actual muscle strength to fight)
*Find activities that fill you up and reduce your stress (stress depletes immunity)
*Build robust immunity (see supplements below)
*Neti-Pot (see instruction sheet from TMA)
*Vit D3 (have blood levels checked, # should be at least 60)
*Vitamin C (2000+mg daily)
*Elderberry (strong immune building properties)
*Oregano Oil (strong immune building)
*Colloidal Silver (strong immune building, can even be put in a nebulizer)
There are also Chinese Herbal formulas that are very strong anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and are prescribed based on your TCM diagnosis.

*Mario Martinez, M.D.

*Lissa Rankin, M.D.

*Kelly Brogan, M.D.
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What about this COVID-19?

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