For over 14 years, Licensed Acupuncturist Donna Huber has been helping people tap into and create their fertility. Though each person’s fertility case, story and journey are unique, Donna has found that there are several core elements that every patient should know in order to create the best environment for conception to occur AND be maintained. She has created a comprehensive 90-minute class packed with her wit, wisdom, experience and the knowledge that she’s gained over 20+ years that began with her own fertility struggle. This class is especially for those who are awaiting their initial appointments with Donna but also for anyone else on a quest to create a fertile, healthy and balanced body. In addition to practical information, participants will receive handouts packed with resources and usable information to get started right away creating their own fertility. They will also be included in a private Facebook group for ongoing support from the community. Space is limited, so reserve your spot today!

Date: TBD
Time: TBD
Where: Thirteen Moons (in Carriage House Loft)
Cost: $198
Reservations: Email [email protected] or call 402.827.1355